GDPR & life science marketing — a practical overview on privacy & risk analysis

Victoria Mandell was recently featured in a live webinar for Samba Scientific, covering GDPR as applied to marketing in the life science industry. The original webinar is featured here:

To download the related whitepaper, click the link below:

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Key topics include


Effective in May 2018, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) achieves the dual goals of unifying European law and protecting personal privacy in the digital age. A lack of available educational content about this far-reaching compliance requirement leaves businesses exposed to risk. This introduction to the GDPR for marketing professionals explains what the GDPR is, its basic requirements and the business risk. Understanding GDPR foundational concepts will reduce confusion and provide guidance for essential steps toward compliance.

In this webinar, Victoria Mandell, Esquire will discuss key GDPR concepts, with the goal of educating marketing professionals, as well as providing a practical framework for independent risk analysis. Case-studies that are relevant for marketing professionals in the life sciences will be presented with live Q&A.